Thursday, September 12, 2013

My 60L Secret and New Releases for Sept 12th

My 60L Secret for Sept 12th Below

Buy them Inworld here on Sept 12th
Please Check out the other Merchant AWESOME Submissions here 

BUILDER'S BARGAINS New Releases for Sept 12th

Available for sale now
Check the Web Page for more awesome Bargains!!

 60L Special Deals New Releases for Sept 12th

I Opened a New Store at Lil Creators Full Permission Mall 
it has bunches of awesome stores like Treasured Cove Sculpties and Mesh
V,M Designs, Creative Mesh, Marmelade, Plant Obscure Creations, 
RNP, Soken Mesh, Abar, Tins's Space, Totsipop,  Aprils Textures.
Most Specialized in items to help the 
Little Creators of Secondlife build big beautiful things! 
Go Check it out(it has stuffs for Big Creators too!)

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